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In this modern generation of the internet era, you need to be technologically sharp to cope up with the pace of it. The 21st-century technologies have deeply rooted themselves in our daily lives. We use technologies every now and then. If you are fond of using smart devices like smartphones, tablet computers, laptops, and various other electronic gadgets then you might have noticed that we deliberately need our email accounts to get the most out of our devices. Smartphones require their users to sign into their email account so that it can save all the crucial information and data on the cloud storage for later usage. Especially Comcast email service is specially designed to be compatible with modern smart devices. However, tech problems are common in these gadgets. If you are facing any issue then feel free to contact Comcast email support department today.

Setup of Port Number and POP/IMAP

When you need to set up your email account, the email application will ask some information from you about the email “protocols” you want to keep on the account. Our Comcast email support team don’t want you to be in any email account trouble at all. Here are some things you should know before you can start setting up the email:

Port Number: Email port is how your email moves from one email server to another one. To help to prevent spams and protect the security of your email account, Comcast doesn’t use the conventional Port 25 anymore. If you are using an older program to access your emails then you may find technical issues with sending emails.

POP/IMAP: POP or Post Office Protocol and IMAP or Internet Message Access Protocol are two different modes to get emails in your email program. Our Comcast customer service team recommends that the users should use IMAP for Comcast emails as the technology is much advanced and works accurately with the Comcast email. POP can create account settings conflicts while checking your emails from more than one computer or device.

Best Email settings to use:

At, our senior tech executives know about all the common problems that are occurring with the user’s email accounts. Thus, the tech professionals dedicated at Comcast email support started doing research on how to fix the problems by trying and testing different solutions on each problem. We monitored the time each solution takes to fix the issue. As a result, our tech professionals selected only the fastest methods which fix these problems with great accuracy while keeping your account unharmed. If you are setting up your new Comcast email account then these are the right settings for you:


Email program settings:

If you find doing any of these undermentioned settings then you can call our Comcast email support for immediate help. When you are setting up the email account program, you have to use these settings to the configuration:

Incoming email server name:

Incoming email server port number: 993 with SSL ON (Alternative: 143 with SSL ON)

Outgoing email server name:

Outgoing email server port number: 587 (SMTP) or Alternative 465 (SMTPS)

SSL Encryption of emails: Checked

Authentication of account: Your Comcast account username and recent password

What to do in tech problems:

We recommend our customers not to tamper with any settings and configuration of their email account if they don’t have sufficient knowledge about it. Only a tech professional with enough experience about modern email technology and its security can deal with such issues. Now you don’t have to look around for anyone else. Our Comcast email support teams are here to the rescue of your account.

We have been leading the industry as one of the best tech support service providers in the market. Our tech executives are finding out the best in class solutions that will work accurately on tech problems. Every day hundreds of customers connect with us with their Comcast email account related errors. We aim to draw a smile on our customer’s face by delivering them with perfect solutions. As a result, we got thousands of positive feedbacks from our customers. The Comcast customer service department is available 24*7 at the help of the customers.

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