How to Change Gmail Password

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In this modern generation of computers and internet, Google LLC is one of the “Big Four” IT Companies working internationally all over the world. Google has been innovating the usage of internet and smart devices with their various services and products like online advertising technology, search engine, email service, cloud computing, software development, hardware development and various other services which increases our efficiency in daily life work. With their world-wide network of Gmail service users, Google is currently standing as one of the largest email service providers on earth. If you are thinking about the security of your email account, then getting a Gmail account will be the best option for you. Google puts great emphasis on their users account security. If you ever face any account lockdown issue which means that there was an attempt of potential cyber-attack on your account. You might have to change Gmail password to regain access to the account.


When you are using modern smart devices, you should be familiar with the necessity of having an email account. Gmail is supported in almost all type of electronic platforms to enable great features to your device. Today, people uses their email account to keep their important documents, emails, messages, files, banking details, personal information and data safe. In case of any hacking attack, all your data and content on your email stays at a high risk to be stolen and misused without your concern. Google adds this innovative feature of account lockdown where if the server notices any suspicious behavior with the Gmail account login, the server would immediately lockdown the account to prevent any data theft. However, after the security lockdown, you may have to recover your account manually from the Gmail website. Don’t worry, Gmail Support will help you out there.

Common reasons of account lockdown


We have been doing research on the most common issues that our customers report while accessing their email account. Our tech teams found out effective ways to eliminate each issue with the finest accuracy possible. We only select the fastest and smartest methods to be in our solutions, so that we can save your time and money. Before knowing about how to change Gmail password, let our tech assistance teams tell you about the most common reasons why your account can face a lockdown.

  • The login page cannot complete “Two Step Verification” of your account.
  • Your password and User ID, Email ID, Account name is not matching.
  • The login page is showing that your account is not found.
  • There have been multiple attempts to hack Gmail account.
  • You might have put wrong account credentials while trying to login.
  • Wrong answers to the security questions of your account.


When you face issues while accessing your account for above mentioned reasons, we recommend you not to tamper with any of the privacy/security settings of your account. One wrong step can lead to worsening the matter. Only an experienced tech team from Google Customer Support is eligible work on such issues. They have the best knowledge of using adequate tools and methods to troubleshoot login issues with your Gmail account.


What can you do for the recovery?


There is nothing much you can do in this type of technical errors with your email account. However, there is one last method you can try to check if it recovers the account or not. Follow the simple step-by-step guide on how to change Gmail password:

  1. You have to open up your desired browser on the device you are using.
  2. Make sure to clear the browser cache and history as it may interfere the login sometimes.
  3. Now you have to redirect the browser to the Gmail sign-in website to start the login process.
  4. After you type in the User ID/ Email ID, click on the Forgot Password? button.
  5. Google servers may try to verify you with your registered mobile number by sending an OTP (One Time Password)
  6. In the next page, you have to fill up all the required information that the page asks.
  7. Now, security question appears on your screen, you have to answer them correctly.
  8. If done properly, you will receive a password reset link.
  9. Redirect to the password reset page, just type in the new password.
  10. Click on save and continue.


If this method doesn’t resolve the problem then do feel free to contact us though our helpline number. We are ready to provide you with all sorts of valuable information and assistance to change Gmail password. Let your tech worries be our concern now.

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