With more than one and a half billion active users around the world, Google is holding one of the top spots among the email service providers market with their Gmail. A smart, sophisticated email exchange service that is designed to be as much user friendly as possible. Because of its easy user interface and high end account security measures, people love to use Gmail and recommend it too. Google also creates and develops other services and technologies like cloud computing tools, Search engine, Online advertising service, smartphones, smart devices, Artificial Intelligence hardware and software programs and many more. With Gmail, you can find the best email account security in the world. However, if you accidentally forgot Gmail password then don’t worry. We are here to help you with the fastest solutions you can find for your Gmail account related issues. Just call on the Gmail customer service number to know more.

In this modern age of internet, we can find that many people use their Gmail account along with its Drive feature to store their important information like personal documents, banking details, passwords, files, videos, photos, emails, messages, chats to keep them safe. That is because the users know that their contents will be secure with Google’s advanced security measures. The organization puts their focus in protecting the user’s identity and data from any type of cyber-attack. Google includes a safety lockdown function with its Gmail account which enables the servers to monitor any suspicious behavior with the account’s security. If the servers find any issues with the security, it will immediately lockdown the particular account to prevent any hacking taking place. This security function is so powerful that if you accidentally could not verify your account, it will lock it.

Reason behind Account lockdown:
We have done an in depth research about the common lockdown problems that our users report to us. The tech experts found out various methods and tips to improve your account password so that you don’t have to worry if you forgot Gmail password again. Let our Gmail tech support executives tell you about some of the common reasons for your account lockdown.

Your User ID, Email ID, Account name and Password are not matching.
You accidentally put wrong account credentials while trying to login.
Wrong answers to the security questions of your account.
The login page cannot complete “Two Step Verification” of your account.
The login page is showing that your account is not found.
Someone tried multiple attempts to hack your Gmail account.
Best way to make your Gmail password secure:
Creating strong password: If you use a strong password that is less assumable then there are less chances of your account getting hacked, because hackers won’t be able to find your password easily. Here are some useful points to remember while you set up your new password.

Use a mix of numbers, letters and symbols in your account password.
You can use both the uppercase and lowercase letters in a random manner.
Change or alternate your password once in every three month.
Do not use easily assumable information about you in the password.
Are you finding trouble in setting up the new password? You are at the right place to get all the information you need. Our Gmail technical support will guide you with the best possible methods to fix all your problems related to your Gmail account. We also provide solution services if you by any chance forgot Gmail password. Our aim is to deliver you with adequate solutions for any tech worries and draw a smile on your face.

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