G Suite was previously known as an intelligent google app and was rebranded in 2016. This was specifically for taking the business to a higher standard for email hosting for businesses. G Suite Email is not just an app instead it offers a variety of apps and features that you’re probably using or are familiar with. With the help of G Suite Email, you can acquire all the productivity tools on your own domain. It is the same google app you use with more additional features that modify while every task you perform. It hardly takes an hour to set things up for your domain email to start functioning. To know better, we must gain some knowledge on How Does G Suite Email Work?

G Suite Email Work

G Suite is completely based on the power of cloud computing. With this, work is carried out very smoothly and leaves the frustrations of outdated software, hardware maintenance, highly expensive licenses, lost files, email attachments, incompatibility and much more. You can easily store more emails, calendars, and presentations in the cloud as it has enough space as compared previously. You just have to be connected with your internet to speed up the work. From where ever you work, you can be connected anytime with your computer, mobile device or your laptop. Therefore, you’ll be able to establish contact with your web browser with a simple and cost-effective way.

How to use the G Suite setup wizard?

For your organization, you can quickly and easily set up G Suite. Access the setup wizard in your google admin console as soon as the setup is installed in your system. You have to configure G Suite for small and medium firms that can take their business smoothly.

Sign in to the admin console ( To access wizard)
Click the “more” icon at the top right side of the page

Choose setup

To verify your domain you’ll be asked to prove your own domain which you’ll be going to begin using G Suite with your domain.

Now move your all users or just a few ones who really want to test your services.
As soon as you added users, you can activate their Gmail accounts by setting their core services such as google, calendar, drive, and sites.

Though the setup, the wizard will let you update the configuration of your organization asking you whether you want to migrate old mail, set up Gsuite on mobile devices and a lot more.

The points are very clear and straightforward that you’ll never be confused at any point. If after following the points still, you are stuck they immediately look for help online.


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