Then you must have heard of AOL. Yes, AOL or America Online is one of the largest American conglomerate which excels in the field of communications and internet. The company provides services like web portals, internet service, email exchange service and various other web related technologies and services. AOL is famous for their highly user-friendly email accounts. They focused their service to be much easier with easy user interface so that their users don’t have to toggle around to find the email features. They are also concerned about protecting their user’s account security and privacy. Thus, they introduced a new auto lockdown feature to prevent any cyber-attack.

AOL password recovery Number Living in America?

When such lockdown happens, all you need to do is complete the AOL password recovery process and you can get back to your account again.

About the Auto Lockdown security:

You must have seen people using their email account for various other purposes than only sending and receiving emails. Today, people use their email account and its cloud storage to store their important documents, emails, chats, conversation, files, images, videos and various other things. So it becomes AOL’s responsibility to protect the user’s contents from being stolen or abused. Let us tell you how their Automatic lockdown feature works. The server always monitors the login behavior of all the accounts. If these servers find any suspicious behavior, it will immediately lock down the specific account to prevent any type of cyber-attack or attempt of hacking. After locking down, you have to go through the AOL password recovery process with an expert’s assistance. Just call AOL support number and find all your email account worries that you find while accessing your AOL account. Let all your tech troubles be our concern now.

Safest way to do AOL password recovery:

We have the records of the most common lockdown issues that our customers face while logging into their email account. Our tech executives have found out various methods to complete the email account password recovery process. It varies from problem to problem, you obviously would not give cancer medicine to fever patient. Let our experts tell you the safest method of AOL password recovery in a step-by-step simple format. Just follow the below mentioned steps one after another:

If you are on your smart device, you have to open your browser.

Now you have to clear its browsing data and cache.
After that make sure you redirect to the AOL email sign in page.
When the account credential comes up, type in your email id.
Now click next to proceed to the password feed page.
Find and click on “I forgot my password” option right below the password box.
Now you have to verify that it is you who is trying to recover the password, you can choose to send verification code on your “registered phone number” via message or “recovery email address” if you have access to it.

After verification, you need to answer the security questions as well.
Still facing trouble in logging into your account? Don’t worry, you are at the right place to get all kinds of AOL password recovery assistance you need. Pick up your phone and dial in the AOL customer service number and reach a professional tech executives voice. They will help you with their years of experience and find solution to the problem as quickly as possible.

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